Destination New Zealand

Aotearoa, New Zealand
is known for its outstanding landscapes (world heritage sites cover a significant land area), eco-tourism and adventure sport.

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International Association for Engineering Geology and the Environment


Kupe stood astride te Ika o Pounamu, the mountainous South Island and fished up te Ika a Maui, the eruptive North Island, from the depths of the south Pacific Ocean. Ruamoko, Maori God of earthly fire, brought the land to life. Aotearoa New Zealand, land of the long white cloud, continues to emerge, generating volcanic, seismic and landslide activity.

Located astride the leading edge of the Australian Plate, New Zealand is Geologically Active, presenting a range of particular challenges to engineering geological and geotechnical practitioners in meeting the needs of communities and infrastructure amongst:

  • Active volcanic terrain; and
  • The sensitive soils deposited by volcanism, that do not behave as might be expected when worked or loaded;
  • Seismically active terrain; and
  • The stability of slopes in tectonically deformed landscapes;
  • Long, steep, fractured rock slopes, modified by uplifted, high intensity rainfall, ground shaking, freeze thaw and river down-cutting.

Immerse yourself in collapsing cones, sensitive soils, slippery slopes, mylonite and melange, toppling and rock slide avalanches, boiling mud and geysers, pumice, ignimbrite, tephra and weak rock of many kinds.



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